From the beginning of this project I wanted to explore an abstract topic in order to create my own concept and re-connect with fine art. I chose to look at the boundary between the sane and the insane, a decision inspired by Marina Abramovic’s ‘Rhythm 0’ as I was fascinated by the shift in behaviour displayed by the audience. I wanted to look deeper into other situations where this kind of behaviour shift occurred and if there were any other triggers that caused people to behave in insane ways. Naturally I looked at President Donald Trump. Analysing his behaviour and picking apart his character in this way opened up a lot of abstract ideas for me and initiated a somewhat untrusting approach to the other areas I went on to look at as my exploration of Trump was very negative. I learnt that with my chosen theme it would be important to over-analyse the information I collected in order for me to work towards the abstract outcome that I wanted however reflecting back on my work I could have been more objective and considered some different opinions.

What I found most inspiring in this project was visiting the Church of Scientology as this felt like a very real and hands on exploration into insanity. I got the full experience and it gave me the most evidence of this quite radical theory I had concocted which is why I chose to use L Ron Hubbard in my final piece as the face of power and insanity. Another really big inspiration for me was the SCUM manifesto which inevitably inspired my manifestos on obsession and power. The SCUM manifesto was written by Valerie Solanas and although very extreme it embodied the dark road I was heading down with this project as she was at one point nearly driven literally insane. I was strongly inspired by her aggressive style of writing and wanted to take this same oomph into my physical work. A little bit crazy but overall really passionate.

My final outcomes differ a huge amount to my usual studio work in terms of medium however throughout my projects, whether in fine art or spatial design, I always like to follow a strong concept and give my work a meaning. I find this a much more interesting way to work and it keeps me motivated to produce outcomes and research consistently. What I have learnt is to explore even the most unusual and radical paths as in this case they diversified my research a lot and made my concept that much stronger.

When reflecting on my final outcomes although I am pleased I would have liked to have pushed my paintings further and I feel I didn’t do this as I put too much focus onto not wanting to appear too obvious which discouraged me from creating more work. Despite this, the final two paintings I did do reflect the raw and slightly disturbing themes I had been exploring throughout this project. Although I usually work with more intricacy, with this project it made more sense to use this style of abstract expressionism and dark humour and to me was a suitable conclusion to my theory of insanity being an insidious occurrence in society.