In our last studio session today my aim was to bring together all my research and make a final decision about how I would take this into a physical, final piece. I had previously considered the idea of ‘The Pillars of Insanity’ which would bring my subtexts into a sculptural form however I didn’t want to stretch my concept too thin by bringing in perhaps irrelevant objects to represent my theme thus confusing the relevance of the 3D form, so I decided I would continue my work in 2D.

Although I had decided I wanted to realise my project theme with 2D paintings, I wanted a way to show a deeper understanding of my research and that I had formed my own opinions on what can drive us to insanity or to act in insane ways. After researching Valerie Solanas’s ‘SCUM Manifesto’ as an exploration into obsession, this started my thought process into how I could convey my own ideas into a manifesto form.

I decided my paintings will become visual expressions of my subtexts; obsession and power as a way to immerse others in a more emotional connection I have with these ideas. My expressive style that I have already applied to my previous work is how I wish to convey the way I respond when allowing myself to be influenced by insanity as a concept.