SCUM manifesto was published in 1967 by radical feminist Valerie Solanas. The manifesto outlines how men are the inferior gender, genetically incomplete females and they should be eliminated. There is some speculation about if the book is satirical or not but Solanas does outline some real concerns regarding gender inequality and some feminists do believe it brings light to the issue with our patriarchal society however I find this approach too extreme and doesn’t offer any solution for equality, which is the core of feminism. The SCUM manifesto became truly well known after Solanas’ shot and badly wounded artist Andy Warhol in 1968 and was later diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.

The reason I studied the SCUM manifesto as part of my research because I felt Solanas’ radical views reflected a certain degree of obsession with the male gender. In her manifesto Solanas talks about how men do not posses the same emotional and intellectual capacity as women do and that the man spends his life attempting to fuse himself with the female as to become her. She suffered a great deal of abuse in her lifetime at the hands of men and this made her obsessed with the eradication of the gender that had hurt her. This eventually drove her to mental illness and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Obsession and infatuation, in this case especially, can end up controlling someones life and altering their actions and thought process.


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