When exploring power my focus naturally fell on politics and religion as these are structures that rely on manipulation of power. After looking at Trump and connecting this research with Llyn Foulkes I decided I wanted to experiment with the use of political figures presented as a character or the face of my theory of power in connection to insanity.

I chose Churchill as my character because although he was arguably a war hero, he was also a racist and a bigot. What I find insane about this is the reception he still gets from the British public today due a false sense of patriotism. When I talk about insanity in this sense I am more touching on the naivety of British society when it comes to rich, white, powerful men and their ability to manipulate the public even decades after their death. The red, white and blue I used in this painting are representative of this misguided patriotism and as well as the line through Churchill’s eyes, meaning the blind leading the blind. I wanted this painting to be raw with rough edges and fast brush strokes as a comment on our society and the state it was in when Churchill was prime minister and that sustained level of shit it is in now. This is also a comment on insanity and the discourse that can cause ones behaviour to deteriorate.