After revisiting my proposal I made the decision to break insanity down into subtexts and look at where these occur in society and art in order to identify situations in which insane behaviour may be triggered.

I kick started this with looking into compulsion as a cause of insane behaviour and a subtext of this project. I explored this by acting upon natural compulsion when navigating my way through Ladbroke Grove. I further explored this with painting responses using the same method and although the paintings were successful I found they didn’t capture what I wanted to present about compulsion in relation to insanity. When exploring where compulsive behaviour leading to insanity may occur in society and art I could not find the correct evidence to support my theory so I decided to consider different options.

I have already touched on how people placed in positions of power can display insane behaviour, shown in Abramovic’s performance piece ‘Rhythm 0’ and I want to explore this further especially focussing on power and insanity in politics.